IJ Start Canon

Canon Printer is the most recognized prominent printer launched to perform various types of printing and scanning tasks. Canon printer includes a super tank producing various pages, and ink replacement is cost-effective for printing. Sometimes, all documents are not printed well, and the printer is working slowly. It means that the Canon printer needs repairing. Suppose you find out the primary causes behind such problems. After getting good reasons, you must look for some troubleshooting steps. Suppose you can’t find the best solution. In that case, you must take expert guidance by connecting with the Canon customer support team, and they will provide you with appropriate suggestions to rectify the issue.

The Canon Pixma G6020 is one type of IJ Start Canon printer recognized as an inkjet printer with cost-effective prices for bulk ink. Canon printer has an antiquated interface that lacks an automated document feeder (ADF) with multiple extraordinary designs. This feature makes the IJ Start Canon printer truly exceptional.

Steps to Download Compatible Printer Driver for Your Printer

Download Compatible Printer Driver for Your Printer

Some steps are listed below to download a compatible printer driver for your printer.

  • Switch on your computer and Wi-Fi. Now, open a secure internet browser to manage privacy against vulnerabilities. Select the best among Opera, Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome, etc.
  • Through the ij start canon website, you can get suitable canon printer drivers for your printer. Type ij.start. Canon in the search bar and press Enter to access IJ Canon official website
  • Observe the Setup tab and press to access the product selection window. Hence tap the Setup option and go to the next procedure
  • Once it is found, you have to search your product model by entering its number or name in the search bar. Confirm that you have observed the correct printer by looking model number at the back of the printer. Then, tap Go
  • Look at the download window at Canon’s official website on your system. Do a double-check of the operating system and quickly change if there is a requirement to do so. Now, press the download button to install the software.
  • Moving to another window or any other application can slow down internet speed and even downloading process of Canon printer driver file. Once completed, save the file in a protected folder for your further reference.

Some Printing Errors and Their Rectification

Printing Errors and Their Rectification

Once the driver is configured in your system, you may encounter various types of issues to perform the printing jobs. Let’s go through some errors in the Canon printer and their solutions.

  1. No Paper on Canon Printer

No Paper on Canon Printer

Suppose your printer’s input tray is loaded full but still shows no paper or not printing; paper may get stuck in the rear tray. Switch off your printer, detach cables and remove blockage available in the input tray. Clean the paper feed roller after using a wet and clean cloth. If wrinkled or twisted paper, replace the paper with an accurate one. The size of the page must be compatible with the printing file for which you print. If page size settings don’t match with the file, it will not print. Such tips will absolutely resolve this problem in Canon printer.

  1. Bad Printing Quality

Bad Printing Quality

Sometimes, you need printing of your essential documents but receive spread ink spots, patches or faded paper, and horizontal lines. This problem mainly occurred due to dry ink and can be resolved by turning on the printer’s utility program. If ink cartridges contain a low amount of ink, you will get unclear printing papers. So, swap the ink cartridge with a new one. If the problem still exists, clean the print heads and then print a page.


After going through the above steps, you can resolve some errors in the Canon printer. To resolve all errors in the Canon printer, you must dial the Canon customer support number to get some appropriate tips.


Ques. Do I need Wi-Fi to take print from my phone?

Ans. Suppose you don’t have a router or network to couple your phone; you can print directly from your mobile phone via Canon printers through Wi-Fi Direct or Canon Wireless Direct.

Ques. Is it possible to take print without using a computer?

Ans. A photocopy can be taken without a computer. You use a Personal Computer only for printing and scanning via printers. So, it’s possible to take print without using the computer. However, photocopy and printing are different jobs.

Ques. How can I take print from my phone via a printer?

Ans. Some steps are given below to make you learn about printing from a smartphone via a printer.

  • Access the file you would desire to print
  • Press the menu button available at the top right-hand corner with three-dots
  • Press Print
  • Press the drop-down arrow situated near the top of your computer screen
  • Click the printer from which you like to print
  • Press the print button.

Ques. Can I print from my iPhone?

Ans. Connect Air Print enabled printer to iPhone wirelessly to print documents, photos, gifs, etc., through the mail, apps, and gallery. Various applications available on the App store also support Air Print. iPhone and printer must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

How to Setup Canon Pixma TR7520?

Canon Pixma TR7520 is multipurpose with both front and back paper boxes. Canon Pixma TR7520 Printer has five individual tanks of every color that making it simple to replace the used-up tank. Now, couple the printer to the network and system wirelessly and tap Print to start printing. Remember that couple the printer to any devices wirelessly with Bluetooth and cloud. To print easily, the accessibility of printers requires appropriate methods for setup. Auto duplex printing, 20 page ADF, and Fax make printing a simple task all the time. Canon Pixma Printer TR7520 comes in various designs and features. Some setup methods are listed below to configure the Canon printer on Windows and Mac via a wireless and wired connection. To know more about the Canon Pixma TR7520 printer, you must refer to ij.cannon.start to use Canon printer for easy Print and scanning.

Steps to Setup Canon Pixma TR7520 on Windows

The Canon Pixma TR7520 printer is adjustable with a wireless connection. Use the appropriate set of wireless software, or connect to the current version of Windows wirelessly. A few steps to configure the Canon Pixma TR7520 printer on Windows are given below.

  • Identify the latest version of Windows and download the current driver and software of the Canon printer
  • Then, couple the Canon TR7520 to the Windows operating system temporarily with a USB cable
  • After that, begin the software installation wizard and activate the .exe file
  • Wizard presents a list of instructions for software installation
  • At the middle of the installation, the wizard asks to select the connectivity mode
  • Select the Wireless Mode option and uncouple the USB cable from the printer
  • Next, begin the wireless setup wizard and enter the Wi-Fi password after selecting your network from the list
  • Move to the Control Panel on the window device
  • Then, move to the devices and printers to add your printer to the device
  • Lastly, choose your printer name from the available devices list to connect to the device.

Suppose you can’t find the Canon Pixma TR7520 printer on the list; you must call the Canon customer service number to troubleshoot this issue. Let’s go through some synchronization steps enlisted on ij.canon.start to configure Canon printer on Mac.

Steps to Sync Canon Pixma TR7520 Printer on MAC

To connect the Canon Pixma TR7520 printer to the MAC is similar to the windows operating system. Canon printer is compatible with several versions of the MAC operating system. Few instructions are given below for all adjustable MAC operating system versions.

  • Couple the Canon printer TR7520 to the MAC device temporarily via USB cable
  • Download the adjustable Canon TR7520 printer drivers and software to the MAC device
  • Now, activate the software installation .dmg file
  • Then, go through wizard instructions to move ahead with the Canon printer installation
  • Wizard pop-ups to select the appropriate connection mode
  • Now, choose the wireless connection option
  • Then, decouple the USB cable from the printer to the MAC
  • Move ahead with the Wireless Setup Wizard by mentioning the Wi-Fi network details to maintain a secure wireless connection
  • Press on the Apple device on the MAC and move to Devices under the System and Preferences
  • Choose your Canon Pixma TR7520 printer name from available devices.

Suppose you can’t find the printer on the list of available devices; you must call or email the Canon helpline number to fix it.


Ques. How can you establish Canon printer into a pairing mode?

Ans. Some WPS connection methods are given below to couple Canon printers to a pairing mode.

  • Ensure that the printer is switched on. Tap and hold the Wi-Fi button on the top of the printer until the alarm lamp lit up once
  • Assure that the lamp next to this button begins to flash blue and then move to the access point and click the WPS button within two minutes

Ques. What to do if the printer is not connecting to the Canon printer?

Ans. Canon printer is not connected to Wi-Fi problem that comes due to several factors. Upgrade the printer driver to troubleshoot the issue. If the errors still persist, examine the network problem and uninstall and install printer drivers and networks.

Ques. What to do if the Canon printer is not printing?

Ans. Suppose the printer is not printing properly, then examine if the ink cartridges are not empty. Take out the Print of a calibration page and then examine the ink levels. If you are not utilizing the product, then the Canon printer won’t print. If there is no problem with the cartridge, inspect the quality of the inserted paper.

Ques. Why does the Wi-Fi button flash on my Canon printer?

Ans. The wireless blue light on the printer will continue to flash after connecting with the access point. The green power lamp will begin to flash during configuration. When the printer successfully connects to your wireless network, the blue and green lamps will stop flashing and remain light up consistently.

How to Setup Canon Pixma TR4522 Wireless?

Suppose you have bought a new Canon Pixma TR4522 printer and you wish to connect it to your system or device wirelessly, then you have landed at the right place. Choose a method to establish a network connection. Go through a simple wireless network method to couple your printer to the network without a wireless router. Type the router detail on your system to couple your printer. Utilize the WPS or WPS pin method to configure the wireless connection.

Steps to Configure Canon Pixma TR4522 Wireless Printer for Windows

Some troubleshooting tips are given below to set up ij.start.cannon printer for Windows.

  • Confirm that you have switched on your printer by inspecting whether the lamp is inflamed before starting the wi-fi set up.
  • Go through the instructions given on the printer control panel screen, click the Stop button.
  • Click the setup button given on the printer control panel.
  • Choose the wi-fi set up option and then click Ok to certify your connection.
  • Choose the WPS option given on the wi-fi set up menu and click Ok.
  • Now go to your wireless router and detect the WPS button on it.
  • When you get the WPS button available on the router, tap and hold it for few seconds
  • Tap Ok on the printer for two minutes.
  • Tap Ok again when a pop-up appears on the printer screen.
  • Now, establish the driver installation wizard and finish up the printer installation.
  • The above methods are applied when you have a WPS-enabled access point.

Methods to Set Up Canon Pixma TR4522 Wireless Printer for Mac

Some steps are given below to set up the Canon Pixma TR4522 Wireless printer for Mac.

  • Switch on your printer. Once the machine becomes active, click the Menu or Wireless Connect button and hold it for not more than three seconds.
  • Once the printer screen shows the instructions to follow for configuring start.canonn printer wirelessly, you must go through these tips.
  • You should download the setup file that matches your operating system requirements from a trusted website.
  • Finish up the printer installation with the help of an on-screen pop-up.
  • Confirm that you are choosing the connection method through wi-fi when kicked off.

Tips to Connect Canon Pixma TR4522 Printer Through Wireless Direct

  • Use the direct wireless feature on your Canon Pixma TR4522 printer so that you can connect any wireless device with your printer.
  • Modify the printer settings to utilize the Wireless Direct feature.
  • Switch on your printer and establish the setup menu on the printer control panel.
  • Choose Device settings>Ok>LAN settings>Ok.
  • Select switch WL direct>Ok>Yes>Ok.
  • If the wireless router information displays on your computer screen, choose Done and then click Ok.
  • The direct wireless feature is activated on your printer. You can connect up to a minimum of five devices at a time.
  • An issue will appear on your computer screen when you try to couple a different device.

Once you follow the above steps, you can set up a Canon Pixma TR4522 wireless printer on various devices. If you can’t sync them, you must dial the Canon helpline number to get some appropriate tips.