How to Setup Canon Pixma MG2520?

  • September 6, 2021

The recent write-up will explain and assist you with the connectivity procedures to configure Canon Pixma MG2520 on Windows and Mac through a WiFi router. Let’s go through it. Canon is the most advanced and high-quality printer to deliver digital HD printing and scanning jobs. To the couple, the Canon Pixma MG2520 printer through a wireless network, call the Canon Printer Setup team to get accurate solutions.

How to Set Up Canon Pixma MG 2520 Printer with Wireless Connection Mode?

Firstly, print on the same network as your device while configuring Canon Pixma MG 2520 printer with a wireless connection. It means a printer should be on the same wireless network as your computer.

  • Firstly, switch on your Canon printer, PC, and Wireless router
  • Power on the printer
  • Click the wireless button and keep tapping it until the blue light of the wireless connection pops up blue
  • Tap the button and navigate for your WPS connection
  • While looking for the WPS connection, the blue will keep on blazing; once the affix point is found, the light will become stable
  • Now, your network connection has successfully connected with your Canon Pixma MG2520 printer.

How to Configure Canon Pixma MG2520 Printer on Windows?

Follow the below-listed procedures to couple Canon Pixma MG2520 printer on Windows system.

  • First of all, confirm that the Canon printer, WiFi router, and system is powered on
  • Then, follow Canon Pixma Printer MG2520 printer to wireless after going through steps that are mentioned above
  • Now, download the printer driver on your Windows system by visiting Canon’s official website. After that, tap on the setup button and choose your region
  • Choose your Canon Pixma 2520 model name and select Windows as the operating system
  • Restore the driver file on your system by pressing the Download button from the next screen
  • Once the downloading process is completed, do a double-click on the driver to access the setup. Click Next after selecting your language
  • Here, select your printer connection point and the Wireless Connection button
  • Choose access point connection and tap the Next button
  • Choose the Cableless setup option and choose the printer model you utilize from the next screen
  • Attentively go through and agree on the license agreement from the next screen. Press on Next to install the additional software
  • Configure Canon Pixma 2520 wireless printer on Windows system. Perform a unit test.

How to Connect Canon Pixma MG2520 Wireless Printer on Mac?

Go through below connectivity procedures to configure your Canon MG2520 printer on Mac that are listed below.

  • Firstly, confirm that both printer and system are coupled to your printer through a wireless network
  • Take the assistance of the first section of this article and connect Canon MG25202 to a wireless network
  • Transpose and position the latest version of the printer driver by visiting http//ij.start.canonpixmamg2520. Go to the online instructions and complete the driver download procedure
  • Choose system preferences from the Apple menu. After that, press on the printers and scanners option from the new window
  • Press on the +sign option on the bottom left corner of the screen and add your Canon Pixma 2520 printer
  • Choose your printer from the drop-down list
  • Finally, the Canon Pixma MG2520 printer is now connected to the Mac system.

After moving through the above steps, if you can’t connect to the Canon Pixma MG2520 printer, call the Canon Customer Support number to configure it immediately.