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IJ Start Canon Setup – Canon IJ Setup Using IJ.Start.Canon [Complete Guide]

As IJ.Start.Canon Setup provides you free access to the canon printer drivers suitable for your canon printer. There are various instances when you may need to install or update your Canon printer, such as a new purchase. Not sure how to get the job done? Well! Here is a handy post that can guide your way through the installation of Canon printer using the Canon ij setup method. The installation of the drivers and software is essential, be it wired or wireless models. Navigate through this post until the end for simple and comprehensive steps & Visit ij.start.canon and download the Canon driver.

Things to Keep in Mind Before You Setup Canon.com/ijsetup or IJ Start Canon Setup

Before you proceed any further with the installation process, adhere to the below-listed considerations:

  • You should have your printer’s model number handy before starting the setup process.
  • Verify that your device has sufficient storage space for driver installation.
  • Make sure that the printer is connected to the power source properly.
  • Also, check if your Internet connection is intact before installing the Canon printer.

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Setting Up Canon Printer Using IJ.Start.Canon on Windows (Wireless) – Canon.com/ijsetup Steps

To perform the setup, follow the below-given steps carefully:

  • Navigate to ‘Canon.com/ijsetup’ in order to download and install the printer.
  • Turn your Canon Printer on and make sure that it is properly connected to the power source.
  • Moving ahead, open the downloaded file of driver setup and Hit Next. It will take you to the screen wherein, you will see the “Wireless Setup” option.
  • After selecting the wireless option, move to your Canon printer screen and click on the WiFi setup button.
  • Now select the device settings and hit the OK button.

  • After that, choose Device Settings and then click LAN Settings.
  • Press the OK button to proceed.
  • Now from within the LAN Settings, select Wireless Lan Setup and hit OK. It will make your printer search for the access point.


  • Verify that your WiFi router is enabled. Now you will see a WiFi flash lamp is blinking on the printer.

  • Now a network list will appear on the screen. Press OK after selecting your WiFi network from the list.
  • Enter your correct password in the specified area when prompted and then click the OK button.

  • Now, wait for a few moments until your printer connects to the WiFi network.
  • Finally, the canon.com ijsetup wireless setup procedure is completed for your Windows system after performing the above-given steps with full attention.

To Confirm That Your Printer is Added to Your Window:
It is crucial to ensure that your printer has been successfully added to the Window. To verify:

  • Firstly, go to the Control Panel and then choose the Device and Printer option.

  • Check if you can see your printer on the next screen with a green checkmark. If not, add it manually by clicking on Add printer option.

  • Next, a new screen will open with the list of all available printers. Select your Canon printer from the list.
  • Hit Next and wait until your Canon printer gets added.
  • Once done, you will notice that your printer is added with a green checkmark.

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How to Setup Canon IJ printer on Windows Via USB – http//ij.start.canon

If you want to get it done using USB, perform the below-given steps carefully:

  • First of all, download the Canon printer driver & visit http://ij.start.canon to finish the installation process.
  • After that, connect your printer and Windows system using a USB cable.
  • Press Windows + R to open the run box and then type Control Panel to open it.

  • When in Control Panel, select ‘Devices and Printers’ option. Check if you see your printer with a Green check-mark.
  • If you don’t see your printer, you need to add it manually by clicking on Add Printer.

  • By following the above-described steps carefully, your printer is added and you may use it now.

Method to Setup Canon Printer on Mac using -ij.start.canon or https://canon.com/ijsetup

To setup your Canon printer of Mac using , follow the below-given series of steps:

  • First of all, go to https://www.canon.com/ijsetup or https://ij.start.canon/to download and install the printer driver.
  • Next, refer to the first section (Setting Up Canon Printer on Windows (Wireless) – Canon.com/ijsetup Steps). It will help you to put your Canon printer on the same WiFi network as your device.
  • Moving ahead, open the Apple menu and click System Preferences option.

  • Now hit the printer icon known as Printers and scanners from within the System preferences window.

  • Click the “+” sign located at the bottom left corner of the screen. It will display a popup window.

  • You may now locate your printer’s name in the left-hand pane if the connection is established to the network. Now click on the printer to start the setup procedure.
  • After completing the process, you can see your printer with a Green check. Besides, you can now use your printer smoothly for your desired tasks.

How Do I Connect My Canon Printer to My iPhone?

“Learn how to print to your Canon printer from an iPhone or iPad that supports AirPrint.”

What is AirPrint?

AirPrint allows you to print images, emails, Web pages, and documents directly from your Apple device to your Canon printer without the need to install any drivers or software.

Check your environment before using AirPrint:

AirPrint requires an Apple device with the most recent software to work. The iPad (all versions), iPhone (3GS or later), and iPod touch can all print (3rd generation or later).

The Apple device and the Canon printer must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

Using AirPrint to print

  • Make sure your printer is turned on and linked to the network (LAN). To print instructions on how to examine the printer’s network settings (also known as LAN details), click here.
  • To access the menu options, tap the operation icon on your Apple device’s application software.

How do I connect my Canon printer to my iPhone

  • Tap Print from the menu options.

setup canon IJ printer on iphone

  • Select your printer from Printer Options.

setup canon IJ printer on ipad

setup canon IJ printer

Note that not all apps support AirPrint, thus Printer Options may appear. You cannot print from an app that does not allow you to use printer options.

  • Change the Printer Options screen’s settings as needed.

how to connect canon printer to iphone

Depending on the app and printer model, several options may be available. Some popular choices are:
Choose a printer that is compatible with your wireless LAN.
Select the number of print copies to be printed.
Duplex printing: If the model enables it, you can enable or disable this feature.
Range: The page range can be used only with specific application software and file types (such as PDF files).

how to connect canon printer

how to connect canon printer to ipad

  • Select Print. The printer prints according to the settings that you choose.

how do i get my iphone to recognize my printer

It’s useful to be aware of the paper size.

When printing using AirPrint on some models, the following paper sizes are used:

The default paper size for Apple’s picture app is “4×6” or KG (except in Japan, where it’s size L).
In the United States, documents printed using the Safari browser default to letter size, while in Japan and Europe, they default to A4.

On other versions, the size and kind of paper can be entered on the operating panel. When printing using AirPrint, the registered paper size and type will be used. Please click here for additional details.

Checking the Print Status

You may monitor the printing process while it is in progress. To do so, double-tap the Apple device’s Home button, then select Print Center.

use airprint to print from your iphone

Getting Rid of a Print Job

Use one of the two techniques below to delete a print job from AirPrint:

In the printer’s queue: To cancel a print job, use the machine’s operator panel.
Using an Apple device:

  • Double-click the Home button.
  • To see a list of print jobs, tap Print Center.
  •  To cancel a print job, tap it.

use airprint to print from your ipad

  • Tap Cancel Print.

use airprint to print from your ipod


1 – Check the following if the document does not print:
⦁ The printer is turned on. Whether it is, switch it off and on again to see if the problem has been rectified.
⦁ The printer and the Apple device are on the same network subnet.
⦁ There is adequate ink and paper in the printer.
⦁ There is no error notice on the printer.
2 – If the problem persists, utilize your computer’s printer driver to see if the document can be printed normally.
3 – If you can’t print the document, consult your model’s online manual.

On A Final Note..

This comprehensive guide describes handy steps to setup Canon printer using cannon.ij.start procedure. Following the procedures carefully will help setup your printer and use it smoothly for your printing tasks. If you have any technical difficulty when using the http:ij.start.canon setup procedure, contact experienced professionals to get relevant technical assistance.

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