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Canon Printer Not Printing Black – How to Fix?

Canon is one such brand that is widely used all over the world. The use of Canon printers is popular among millions of users. But often these printers also have functional issues. Sometimes the IJ Start Canon printers prevent the black ink from getting into the paper.

Printers are not difficult to use but with time they wear off too. The maintenance of these printers is vital for their smooth functioning. Otherwise, they can cause inconvenience. Although the Canon IJ printers are stuffed with some amazing features, they do need constant care too.

No printers are completely error-proof. If not taken proper care of, printers can cause trouble too. The most common issue among printers is that they frequently do not print black ink. There can be several reasons for this malfunction. In some rare cases, the black ink may fall out or doesn’t get printed at all.

Why Canon Printer Does Not Print Black?

The use of printers is not restricted to a weekly or monthly basis. It can be used on a daily basis. But if the printer is not used on an everyday basis then your printer may be dry out. Often, there can be issues with the ink cartridge as well. The ink cartridge may be fully filled with liquid ink but does not get printed. When the Canon printer model is very old then this problem can frequently occur. When the printer does not print black, it can be a little frustrating.

Easy Tips to Fix the Issues of Canon Printer Not Printing Black

In order to fix the issue of the Canon printer not printing black, follow these simple tips to resolve this issue. If you still face any issues regarding the Canon Printer then feel free to contact our customer support personals. Our experts can guide you through the process to rectify all your Canon Printer-related issues.

Step 1: The very first thing you must do is remove the ink cartridge and re-insert it.

Step 2: Now check if the printer recognizes the insertion or not. In case, the printer fails to recognize then hold the “Stop” button for at least 5minutes.

Step 3: The holding of the stop button will enable the printer to identify the ink cartridge.

Step 4: Next step is to remove all the ink supplies from the printer and clean them thoroughly by keeping them in warm water for not more than 5mins.

Step 5: Damp the cartridge with a clean cloth and now insert the black ink into the ink port. Now check once again, it the printer prints or not.

Step 6: It is essential that you deep clean your printer at least twice a month.

Step 7: Often the air nozzle of the printer has some impure particles stuck in it. This blockage can be one of the reasons why the black ink does not get printed on the paper.

Step 8: Check the ink level in the cartridge. If the ink is less, fill it up to the brim for better printing results.

Step 9: If the ink cartridge has leakage in it then the printing won’t take place properly.

Step 10: Do not use cheap ink instead of the recommended ink for your printer. It will not just deteriorate the quality of printing but also decrease the life of your printer.

Despite following these easy tips, you are still facing issues related to your printer then you can contact our technicians. With our expert technicians, you can rectify your printer issues within no time. Contact us at any hour of the day or night to resolve your issues in less time.