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How to Setup Canon Pixma TR7520?

Canon Pixma TR7520 is multipurpose with both front and back paper boxes. Canon Pixma TR7520 Printer has five individual tanks of every color that making it simple to replace the used-up tank. Now, couple the printer to the network and system wirelessly and tap Print to start printing. Remember that couple the printer to any devices wirelessly with Bluetooth and cloud. To print easily, the accessibility of printers requires appropriate methods for setup. Auto duplex printing, 20 page ADF, and Fax make printing a simple task all the time. Canon Pixma Printer TR7520 comes in various designs and features. Some setup methods are listed below to configure the Canon printer on Windows and Mac via a wireless and wired connection. To know more about the Canon Pixma TR7520 printer, you must refer to ij.cannon.start to use Canon printer for easy Print and scanning.

Steps to Setup Canon Pixma TR7520 on Windows

The Canon Pixma TR7520 printer is adjustable with a wireless connection. Use the appropriate set of wireless software, or connect to the current version of Windows wirelessly. A few steps to configure the Canon Pixma TR7520 printer on Windows are given below.

  • Identify the latest version of Windows and download the current driver and software of the Canon printer
  • Then, couple the Canon TR7520 to the Windows operating system temporarily with a USB cable
  • After that, begin the software installation wizard and activate the .exe file
  • Wizard presents a list of instructions for software installation
  • At the middle of the installation, the wizard asks to select the connectivity mode
  • Select the Wireless Mode option and uncouple the USB cable from the printer
  • Next, begin the wireless setup wizard and enter the Wi-Fi password after selecting your network from the list
  • Move to the Control Panel on the window device
  • Then, move to the devices and printers to add your printer to the device
  • Lastly, choose your printer name from the available devices list to connect to the device.

Suppose you can’t find the Canon Pixma TR7520 printer on the list; you must call the Canon customer service number to troubleshoot this issue. Let’s go through some synchronization steps enlisted on ij.canon.start to configure Canon printer on Mac.

Steps to Sync Canon Pixma TR7520 Printer on MAC

To connect the Canon Pixma TR7520 printer to the MAC is similar to the windows operating system. Canon printer is compatible with several versions of the MAC operating system. Few instructions are given below for all adjustable MAC operating system versions.

  • Couple the Canon printer TR7520 to the MAC device temporarily via USB cable
  • Download the adjustable Canon TR7520 printer drivers and software to the MAC device
  • Now, activate the software installation .dmg file
  • Then, go through wizard instructions to move ahead with the Canon printer installation
  • Wizard pop-ups to select the appropriate connection mode
  • Now, choose the wireless connection option
  • Then, decouple the USB cable from the printer to the MAC
  • Move ahead with the Wireless Setup Wizard by mentioning the Wi-Fi network details to maintain a secure wireless connection
  • Press on the Apple device on the MAC and move to Devices under the System and Preferences
  • Choose your Canon Pixma TR7520 printer name from available devices.

Suppose you can’t find the printer on the list of available devices; you must call or email the Canon helpline number to fix it.


Ques. How can you establish Canon printer into a pairing mode?

Ans. Some WPS connection methods are given below to couple Canon printers to a pairing mode.

  • Ensure that the printer is switched on. Tap and hold the Wi-Fi button on the top of the printer until the alarm lamp lit up once
  • Assure that the lamp next to this button begins to flash blue and then move to the access point and click the WPS button within two minutes

Ques. What to do if the printer is not connecting to the Canon printer?

Ans. Canon printer is not connected to Wi-Fi problem that comes due to several factors. Upgrade the printer driver to troubleshoot the issue. If the errors still persist, examine the network problem and uninstall and install printer drivers and networks.

Ques. What to do if the Canon printer is not printing?

Ans. Suppose the printer is not printing properly, then examine if the ink cartridges are not empty. Take out the Print of a calibration page and then examine the ink levels. If you are not utilizing the product, then the Canon printer won’t print. If there is no problem with the cartridge, inspect the quality of the inserted paper.

Ques. Why does the Wi-Fi button flash on my Canon printer?

Ans. The wireless blue light on the printer will continue to flash after connecting with the access point. The green power lamp will begin to flash during configuration. When the printer successfully connects to your wireless network, the blue and green lamps will stop flashing and remain light up consistently.