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How To Setup Canon Pixma TR4520 Printer

Canon Pixma TR4520 setup is an essential process that helps users to utilize its excellent features. When you buy your Pixma TR4520 for your printer, it involves various procedures before you finally make it ready for the final printing. The steps may include, unboxing & setup, installing drivers & software, understanding its various functions, such as print, copy & scan, and various others. Besides, updating your printer driver to the latest version keeps it functioning in an optimal manner. To understand these important procedures in Canon Pixma TR4520, read this post until the end.

About Canon Pixma TR4520

Pixma TR4520 is one of the top-rated printers from Canon, which is highly preferred for light-duty printing needs. It is mostly favored by the home-based office printing uses that doesn’t require heavy-duty printing. However, the printer comes with the robust features that can print efficiently and yield excellent quality print outcomes and photos. The printer’s lid is spacious enough to accommodate slightly thicker items, such as magazines and books. Furthermore, it can also perform long scanning for a multi-page document, thanks to its automatic document feeder (ADF). Now that you are familiar with the printer, let’s proceed further to the Canon TR4520 wireless setup and other important procedures.

IJ Start Canon TR4520 Setup: Unbox and Setup

When you purchase your Canon Pixma printer, you need to unbox it and set it up for the printing the documents. Below is the Canon TR4520 manual that can help you in setting the printer in easy steps:

  • Check your printer model and download the suitable drivers from the printer’s official website.
  • Next, run the setup file in order to install it on your operating system.
  • Now complete the installation procedure by following the on-screen prompts with an absolute attention.
  • During the installation procedure, you will get the option to choose the option to connect. Here, choose USB as your connection method.
  • Now, use a USB cable to connect your Canon Pixma TR4520 to your OS.
  • Once done, wait for the connection to establish and change it in case you want a different connection method.
  • Try to open a printable document to check if the connection is established successfully or not.

Furthermore, you can also perform canon pixma tr4520 fax setup and utilize the fax function on your device. If you are nor sure how do I connect my Canon Pixma TR4520 to my iPhone, get relevant assistance from our chat crew.

IJ Start Canon TR4520 Setup: Manual and Driver Download

Below are the steps for your Canon TR4520 setup download:

  • Open your default web browser and go to Canon’s support page.
  • Next, enter your Canon printer model and click on GO.
  • Moving ahead, click DRIVERS & DOWNLOADS when the next window appears.
  • Thereafter, you need to select your Language and Operating Systems by clicking on the respective drop-down menus.
  • Click Select next to the suitable driver located underneath Recommended Driver(s).
  • Moving further, hit Download button and save the downloaded driver to your PC.
  • Proceeding further with the driver installation, check the License Agreement and hit Yes.
  • Click Yes when the next window appears.
  • Wait until the installation completes and then connect your Canon Pixma TR4520 to your PC and start printing.

You can also perform Canon Pixma tr4520 setup mac procedure and manage your printer with your Mac device.

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IJ Start Canon TR4520 Setup: Print Process

Below is how you will perform your Canon Pixma TR4520 Setup for the print process:

  • Power on your printer and open the input tray.
  • Once open, you need to place A4 sheets in the tray.
  • Also, check the alignment of the sheets to make sure that they are correct.
  • Now download and install the required drivers based on your printer’s model.
  • Moving ahead, choose the important print settings.
  • After that, click Apply to save the changes you have made.
  • Also, choose the paper size and other features in terms of their values.
  • Furthermore, you can also choose the printing quality.
  • Once all the settings are changed, your printer will do the printing according to the existing settings.

Canon PIXMA TR4520: Copy Process

Canon Pixma TR4520 also offers the copy process. To set up the copy process in the program, you need to follow the below-given steps:

  • Turn your Canon printer on the follow the on-screen instructions to complete the primary setup procedure.
  • Now enter the number of sheets to be placed in the input tray.
  • Place the original document on the scanner bed.
  • Click the Copy option and select your preferred color.
  • Next, you need to define the number of copies based on your need. Additionally, you can choose the copy standards as well.
  • Now click OK after the doc preview.
  • You may also choose to stop the process simply by clicking on the Stop button.
  • Once the process is completed, move out the original copy of the document.

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IJ Start Canon TR4520: Wireless Connection

If you want to establish wireless connection for your Canon TR4520 on your mobile device, the below-listed steps can help:

  • Turn on your printer and click on Settings.
  • Next, use the navigation buttons to explore the Device settings option.
  • Click OK to move ahead.
  • Locate LAN settings and click OK.
  • Again, go to the Wireless Direct option using the navigation buttons and hit OK button.
  • After that, confirm the Wireless Direct settings and you will see a Done message on your screen.
  • Now look for the Security protocol and click OK to confirm.
  • Jot down the printer’s WiFi password to finish the task.

IJ Start Canon TR4520: Wireless Direct

You can set up your Canon Pixma TR4520 wirelessly using the Wireless Direct option. Below are the steps:

  • Turn your Canon printer on before you proceed any further.
  • Next, you need to perform the alignment process.
  • Now from within your LAN settings, click Wireless Direct option to turn it on.
  • Proceeding further, finish the setup procedure on the system.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to install the drivers.
  • When setting up, you will get the option to choose the connection type. Choose Wireless to finish the task.
IJ Start Canon TR4520: Network Device Setup Utility

IJ Network Device Setup Utility is a crucial software application that lets your PC communicate with your printer. Besides, this utility on your PC lets you perform the basic settings. The list may include entering the printer IP address or selecting the network frame type.

  • First of all, download the file to start the procedure.
  • Now change the settings for the location where the file is saved.
  • Moving ahead, double-click the downloaded EXE file to decompress it.
  • Now the installation procedure will start automatically.

Caution: If you are trying to configure the wireless LAN using USB cable without installing the printer driver, it may evoke an error. In such a case, execute again after waiting for a while.

IJ Start Canon TR4520: Firmware Update

Below are the steps to perform the firmware update for your Canon TR4520 printer:

  • Make sure that the printer is turned on.
  • Next, confirm that your printer is connected to a stable Internet.
  • Moving ahead, load one sheet of A4 size or Letter size plain paper.
  • After that, hold the stop button and wait for the Alarm lamp to blink 6 times and then release the button.
  • Printing will start as per the network setup information.
  • Launch your default Internet browser on your device. Enter In the text that you see on the printout in the “IPv4 IP Address” line in the search box.
  • The previous step will display the top window as the Remote UI starts.
  • You need to select the [Firmware update] and [Install update].
  • Wait for the “Update succeeded” message to appear on your screen and then click OK.

Final Words!

The steps incorporated in this post can help you in IJ Start Canon TR4520 printer setup and utilizing its important functions. However, if you are getting issues during the setup process or getting error messages, such as “canon tr4520 won’t print”, get in touch with our experienced technicians. They will help you with the best solutions.

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