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How to Reset Canon Printer?

Wondering how to reset a Canon Printer? Well! There is not one but many ways to get the task accomplished. Canon printers are one of the most popular printers among users, thanks to their incredible features for home and office printing. However, Canon printers also give an error when you are using them for different tasks, such as print, scanning, and copy. In some cases, you may need to reset your Canon printer to keep the errors at bay. Sometimes resetting your Canon printers becomes a demanding task due to the consistent development of the program and user interface. Worry not! If you want to perform your Canon printer reset, we will guide you with handy ways to reset your Canon printer. Let’s start!

 Different Methods to Reset Canon Printer

There are various instances when you may need to reset your Canon printer. In such cases, you have different ways of resetting the printer. Resetting your printer can bring it back to its normal functionalities in case of error. Besides, it also resolves multitudinous errors in your Canon printer that may prevent you from printing smoothly. The list may include, slow printing, the printer becoming unresponsive, or getting online. Below are some of the most common techniques to reset your Canon printer with the utmost ease:

  1. Power reset of Canon printer
  2. Ink reset of Canon printer
  3. Hard reset of Canon printer
  4. Resetting Pixma Printer
  5. Factory reset of Canon Printer

Now that you know the basic methods of Canon printer reset, let’s discuss further how these methods actually work.

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1: Power Reset of Canon Printer

Power reset is a soft resetting of your Canon printer; however, can fix the problem in several cases. Below are the steps to perform the power reset of the Canon printer:

  • First of all, turn your Canon printer off and then remove the power cable from the power source.
  • Now make sure that your device is disconnected before proceeding any further.
  • Next, reconnect the power cable to the power source and turn your printing device on.
  • Once started, connect the printer to the ethernet cable.
  • In the end, print a test job to verify that your Canon printer is working fine after the power reset.

2: Ink Reset of Canon Printer

Inkjet Canon printers have inbuilt chips that notify the users to fill the ink when the cartridge is running low on it. When you replace the ink cartridge in your Canon inkjet printers, it leaves detrimental effects on the normal printing operations. In such a case, ink resetting of the printer can keep printing issues at bay. Follow the below-given steps for ink reset: 

  • In the first place, remove the ink cartridge of your Canon printer.
  • Next, insert the cartridge into the main channel of the ink resetting system.
  • Moving ahead, make sure that the chip on the ink cartridge is in working condition and is in proper contact with the plate on the resetter.
  • Hold the ink cartridge softly until it flashes the LED light on the chip resetter. Don’t leave it until the light becomes steady.
  • After that, remove the cartridge from the chip resetter and perform the same steps on any ink cartridge that needs to be reset.
  • In the end, install the cartridges in the erroneous Canon printer and check if the error is resolved or not.

3: Hard Reset of Canon Printer

The hard reset can help you to bring your canon printer back to its default factory settings. Here’s how:

  • In the first place, click the Stop button and your Canon printer will ring an alarm. Once it flashes or rings at least 19 times, release the Start button.
  • The hard-reset canon printer procedure is finished.
  • Now you need to uninstall the printer’s drivers and then reinstall them to the latest driver version available.

4: Reset Canon Pixma Printer Using Default Factory Setting

Below are the steps that can help you with your quest on how do I reset my canon printer to factory settings:

  • Turn your Canon Pixma on and then locate the Device Settings from the menu.
  • Click OK and then select the Resetting option.
  • Again, click OK and it will initiate the printer’s resetting process.
  • Once done, turn off your Canon Pixma printer and hold the Stop button along with the power button of the device.
  • After that, release the Stop button and then press the Stop button twice more when holding the Power button.
  • Wait up to 30 seconds until you see “O” on your printer’s screen.
  • Hereafter, press the Stop button 4 times.
  • Now press the Power button two more times.
  • Press the power button again to turn your device off and the Canon Pixma reset process is completed.

Now that you know how to reset canon Pixma printer, let’s move to the next procedures.

 5: Factory reset of Canon Printer

There are different ways to factory reset your Canon printer, such as hard reset canon printer. There are instances when you are left with no option, but to reset your Canon printer. Restoring your Canon printer to the default factory setting can resolve most of the problems in the device. Below are the steps to perform the factory reset of your Canon printing device:

  • First of all, press Setup on your Canon printer.
  • Next, go to the Device settings using the arrow key and then click OK.
  • After that, navigate to the Reset setting and hit OK.
  • Moving ahead, go to the Reset all option and press OK.
  • Select Yes, and the procedure of the factory reset is completed now.

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Use the Stop and Power Buttons to Reset the Canon Printer
This is yet another quick and easy remedy that is well worth trying. Again, no software is required.
The steps are as follows:
1. Check to see if your printer is turned on and linked to your computer.
2. To switch off your printer, press the ‘Power’ button.
3. For 2 seconds, press the ‘Stop’ button.
4. Hold down the ‘Stop’ button while pressing the ‘Power’ button for 2 seconds.
5. Press and hold the ‘Stop’ button.
6. Press the ‘Stop’ button 5 times while holding down the ‘Power’ button.
7. Press and hold the ‘Power’ button.
Your printer has now been reset.

Reset Ink Cartridges in Canon Printers

Reinstalling Canon ink cartridges is frequently enough to reset them. However, you may need to reset the cartridge on occasion.
There are a few ways to reset the Canon ink cartridges, depending on your printer type.

A. Using the Power Button, reset the Canon ink cartridge

The power button is typically used to reset a Canon printer’s ink cartridge.
This is how:
1. Turn your printer off.
2. Press the ‘Power’ and ‘Stop’ buttons at the same time.
3. Press and hold the ‘Stop’ button.
4. Take a few moments to wait.
5. Press the ‘Power’ and ‘Stop’ buttons simultaneously one more.
6. Double-click the ‘Stop’ button.
7. After 30 seconds, the screen will display ‘0’. Four times press the ‘Stop’ button.
8. Double-click the ‘Power’ button.
9. For the third time, press the ‘Power’ button. The printer is now switched off.
10. Disconnect the USB and power cords from the printer.
11. To open the ink cartridge door, press the ‘Power’ button.
Connect the USB and power connections again.
13. Release the ‘Power’ button and close the ink cartridge door.

B. Canon Ink Cartridge Reset The Chip in Action

A chip can be used to reset the ink cartridge on a Canon printer.
The steps are as follows:
1. Open the door to the ink cartridge.
2. Take the ink cartridge out.
3. Insert the cartridge into the main resetter channel, ensuring that the chip of the cartridge is in contact with the resetter contact plate.
4. Keep the cartridge in place for a few moments. When contact is made, the resetter’s LED light flashes a few times.
5. Remove the cartridge once the light has stopped flashing and is steady.
7. Replace the cartridge in your printer.
C. Canon Ink Cartridge Reset How to Use the Color Start Button
The Color Start button on Canon Pixma Series All Models can be used to reset the Canon ink cartridge.
This is how you do it:
1. Ensure that your printer is turned on.
2. Hold down the ‘Reset’ and ‘Color Start’ buttons at the same time.
3. Keep your hands on them for 5 seconds.
4. After 20 seconds, release both buttons.
5. Press the ‘Tool’ button when you see ‘1’ on the display.
6. The letter ‘A’ will now be visible. Simultaneously press the ‘Tool’ and ‘Reset’ buttons.
7. Release both presses once the lights have stopped flashing.
8. Shut down the printer.
9. Press the ‘Power’ and ‘Reset/Stop’ buttons simultaneously.
The Power LED will illuminate. While pressing the ‘Power’ button, push the ‘Reset’/’Stop’ button twice.
11. Let go of both buttons. Now the printer is in servicing mode.
12. The LED lights will change to a green color. ‘Stop’ or ‘Reset’ the computer.
13. Once, press the ‘Orange’ button. (Test print for service)
14. Twice press the ‘Green’ button. (Information from EEPROM)
15. Three times press the ‘Orange’ button. (Initialization of EEPROM)
16. Four times press the ‘Green’ button. (Resetting the waste ink counter)
17. Five times press the ‘Orange’ button. (Settings for destination)
18. Six times press the ‘Green’ button. (Both black and color print heads require serious cleaning.)
Your ink cartridges should be reset at this point.
3. Use the Setup Option to Reset the Canon Printer (Factory Reset)
This approach returns your smartphone to its factory default settings.
Resetting your Canon printer to factory settings restores the machine to its original state.
The steps are as follows:
1. Select ‘Setup’ from the menu.
2. Navigate to and choose ‘Device Settings’ using the arrow buttons.
3. Press ‘OK.’
4. Using the arrow buttons, scroll to ‘Reset Setting.’
5. Press ‘OK.’
6. Select ‘Reset All’ from the drop-down menu.
7. Press ‘OK.’
8. Select ‘Yes.’
9. Press ‘OK’ once more.
The factory settings for your Canon printer will now be restored.

 To Summarize the Above!

The procedures described in this post can help you on how to reset a Canon printer when it becomes essential for error resolution. It explains different ways to get the job done as per a given situation. If you are having trouble with “how do I reset my canon printer to factory settings?” get in touch with our Canon experts and elaborate your issues in detail. Based on your problem description, they will guide you with the most relevant Canon printer reset solutions.