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Setup IJ Start Canon TR4500

IJ Start Canon TR4500 Setup is an important task for Canon TR4500 series printers. If you want to reap the benefits of the Canon TR4500 printers, you need to set up its printers and software. TR4500 series of the Canon printers can print to a resolution of 4800 dpi (horizontal) x 1200 dpi (vertical). Besides, high-speed USB ports and LAN ports can be used at the same time with the printer’s interface. You can utilize it for different types of printings, such as borderless printing, standard printing, and auto-duplex printing. Here, we will discuss some important aspects of the Canon TR4500 printer setup, unboxing uses and more. Let’s start!

Configuration Methods of IJ Start Canon TR4500

Canon printers can be configured in several methods. For instance, you can use configuration methods to set up your IJ Start Canon TR4500 with a USB cable or Wi-Fi. Technology has undergone different modifications and developments recently and brought one of the smart printers, i.e., IJ Start Canon TR4500, with amazing features. The three convenient methods are detailed below to sync your IJ Start Canon Printer TR4500 with your computer. Let’s go through them one by one.

Step – 1 Set up IJ Start Canon TR4500 Printer via USB Port

  • Visit the manufacture’s website and download the compatible drivers
    Then, establish the printer drivers of your computer
    Now, move to the Devices & Printers option on your system. Then, select your printer name from the list
    Choose the connection method when it appears in the next window
    Now, couple the USB cable to your printer for Canon TR4500 set up
    Then, switch on your printer and wait for its coupling
    Once completed, test the print screen display. For that, tap on Start and test the prints taken from IJ Start Canon TR4500.
    Once you follow the above points, you can easily configure your Canon TR4500 printer with your PC via a USB port or Wi-Fi.

Step – 2 Configure Canon TR4500 Printer Wirelessly

Couple your printer to the system wirelessly for IJ Start Canon TR4500 synchronization. Select the Wi-Fi connection at this point and activate print drivers to begin setting up. Let’s focus on some points that are mentioned below to set up the Canon TR4500 printer.

  • Switch on the Canon TR4500 printer and tap the Menu or Wireless button. Grip it for three seconds
    Confirm that Wi-Fi is enabled on your IJ Start Canon TR4500 printer. Now, move to your system for Canon TR4500 synchronization
    Download the Compatible driver’s file and activate them on your system from the manufacturer’s official website
    Now, tap Next on the Start Set up screen
    Then, type the Username & Password on the next screen
    Choose the Start Setup option and tap on the Next button
    Select the Region and tap on the Agree in the Information Request screen
    Press on the Yes option on the Check Connection Method screen
    Once the pop-up appears, tap on the Allow button
    Now, add your printer from the list of devices and test a print page.
    After applying these methods, set up a connection between both the devices using your Wi-Fi. IJ Start Canon TR4500 can print, scan and perform other jobs on your system.

Step – 3 Setup IJ Start Canon TR4500 Via LAN Connection

Use the LAN connection to configure IJ Start Canon TR4500. You can also apply the Wireless Direct option to connect IJ Start Canon TR4500 with your PC. A few easy steps are given below to configure IJ Start Canon TR4500 with your computer.

  • Confirm that your Canon printer is switched on. Then, press the Setup button on the Operational panel
    Select the Device Settings option
    Choose the LAN Settings option
    Press on the Wireless Setup option
    Tap on the Ok button
    Choose the Switch WL Direct on the next screen
    Once completed, press on the Done and Ok button
    Now, resume your device and allow the synchronization of Canon printer TR4500
    Choose the printer with DIRECT
    Then, type the appropriate credentials when requested.

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IJ Start Canon TR4500 Unboxing Setup  

The Canon PIXMA printers are packed securely to prevent wear or tear damages during shipment. Once bought, you can unbox the setup by following the below-given steps: 

  • First of all, open the package carton using a scissor or knife and check if all the delivered supplies are intact. 
  • Next, take the printer out and place it in an area that is well ventilated and dust-free. 
  • Remove away the protective tapes on the printer. 
  • Insert the power cable at the back of your printer and then connect It to a power supply. 
  • Now turn the Canon TR4500 Printer On and configure the basic settings. 
  • Next, open the rare tray and fill it with a stack of paper and then close it. 
  • In the end, you need to install the cartridges in the specified slots. 

The IJ Start Canon TR4500 unboxing setup can be completed using the above-listed steps. 

IJ Start Canon TR4500 Uses 

IJ Start Canon TR4500 can be used to carry out different functions. You can copy the original documents. Besides, you can add the copying job in Canon TR4500 and get the copies in colour and black and white. Scanning is also one important function that helps users convert hard copies into soft ones. To utilize the IJ Scan utility, you need to install the MP Driver on your system in the first place. You may utilize various software to start the scanning process. 

Furthermore, you can also utilize IJ Start Canon TR4500 Fax feature after setting up your printer. To do so, you need to connect the printer to a telephone line. When doing so, you need to make sure that the power supply remains unhindered until the completion of the fax operation. In case of power loss, all the fax data stored in the printer’s memory will also be lost. 

How to Print on IJ Start Canon TR4500?

If you want to print using the IJ Start Canon TR4500, below are the steps:

  • Firstly, move down the front lid slowly and then move out the cassette until it stops.
  • Next, slide the paper width guides and then load paper into it.
  • Moving ahead, adjust it according to the size of the paper.
  • Now move the cassette back into the Canon TR4500 Setup and it will open the Paper Information screen.
  • Select the paper size and type by pressing the right & left arrows.
  • Enter the password in the specified area to proceed further and click OK.
  • Again, tap OK on the screen.
  • Go to your computer and install the Canon Pixma TR4500 Setup driver.
  • Launch the Pixma driver installer and choose the suitable on-screen prompts.
  • When on the connection screen, select Wireless and move ahead according to the prompts.
  • Once the driver is installed, you may print your documents wirelessly.

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Copy with IJ Start Canon TR4500

You can copy the original documents using the IJ Start Canon TR4500 by following the below-given steps: 

  • Turn the printer’s power on and then open the front lid.
  • Now slide the cassette out and ensure it is fully out of the printer. 
  • With the print side down, you need to load paper in portrait orientation.
  • Adjust the paper guides so that the paper size fits correctly to the printer.
  • Hit the OK button when the Paper Registration screen appears. 
  • Assign the paper type and size using the right and left arrow buttons.
  • Load the original document after opening the scanner lid. Make sure that the print side facing down. 
  • Hit the Copy button and close the scanner lid with the utmost care.
  • Again, check the paper settings and press the Color or Black button.
  • Following the above-given steps will make the printer copy the original document. 

How to Add Copying Job in Canon TR4500?

To add the copying job in Canon TR4500, you need to follow the below-listed steps: 

  • Make sure that the ij.start.canon TR4500 printer is turned on before proceeding any further. 
  • Now you can perform the copying and printing of the original document. 
  • Make sure that the paper has no pins or staples. 
  • Put the original document on the platen and wait until a new page with the message Color Copying [Start]Scan page appears.
  • Here, press Black or Color to get the copies.
  • Finally, take out the printer sheets from the output tray of the Canon TR4500 Setup.

You can get the task accomplished using the above-given steps.  

How to Scan on IJ Start Canon TR4500?

The below-stated steps can help you to utilize the scan utility of the Canon TR4500 series printers: 

  • First of all. install the MP Driver on your PC and then open the IJ Scan Utility.
  • From within the Settings, open your Settings dialogue box. 
  • Now click on the Scan mode to proceed further. 
  • Next, modify the Scan options on the software.
  • Rename your file and save it to a suitable location.
  • Go to the Application Settings tab and choose an application to open.
  • Hit OK and save the changes in the settings you have made.
  • In the end, select Scan and it will initiate the scanning process.

How to Fax on IJ Start Canon TR4500?

To utilize the fax utility:

  • First of all, connect the printer to your phone line and choose how you want to receive the faxes.
  • Turn your printer’s power on to start the setup procedure. 
  • Now from within the printer’s control panel, hit the SETUP option. 
  • Select a suitable option using the arrow keys and then press FAX SETTINGS. Hit OK after making your selection. 
  • After that, press the EASY SETUP option and then START SETUP.
  • Now connect the Canon TR4500 Setup to the wall outlet and the computer using a power cord.
  • Hit OK and perform a connection test to verify that the connection is intact. 
  • Moving ahead, perform the below-given series of actions: 
  • SHARING FAX/VOICE >> Receive mode TEL Priority >> Telephone Line Type Tone >> OK.
  • You can complete the Fax receive setup using the above-listed steps. 

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IJ Start Canon TR4500 FAQs

IJ Start Canon TR4500 Printer Not Working. How to fix it? 

You may notice that your IJ Start Canon TR4500 Printer has stopped working. There are several possible reasons behind the error, such as a damaged power cable. In such a case, check the cable for possible damages. Replace it if the damage actually exists. Besides, if the list of the available devices is missing in the Canon TR4500 Setup name, uninstall and reinstall the printer driver. Make sure that the installed driver is updated to the latest release. If the drivers are corrupted, they will not show the printer’s name. 

Solve IJ Start Canon TR4500 Not Printing Issue

Facing Canon printer not printing issue. There are multitudinous reasons that can give rise to this problem. To resolve the issue, you need to suppress the apparent reasons behind the error. For instance, if the Canon TR4500 printer is unable to connect to the system, you need to check if the USB cable is working properly. The USB cable should not exceed the 3m length. An inadequate power supply is also one of the possible reasons behind the problem. In such a scenario, do not connect multiple devices to the port as it may result in an inadequate power supply and keep the issue at bay. 

If your printer can’t connect to a wireless network, reduce the unnecessary objects that can reduce the signal strength between the printer and the router. Besides, removing all the metal objects between the devices can also improve the signal frequency.

How do I connect my Canon TR4500 printer to my computer?

If you are having trouble connecting your Canon TR4500 printer to the computer, consider the below-given points: 

  • If You are having a connection issue between the printer and the computer, connect the cable to a different USB port. 
  • If the printer is connected to a hub, remove it and then connect it to the computer directly.
  • Also, make sure that the printer is connected to a proper port.

Once done, try to print a test job to check if the connectivity issue is resolved or not.

Canon TR4500 Scanner Not Working

If you are having trouble using the scan utility in IJ Start Canon TR4500 Scanner, check the below-given steps: 

  • Before you proceed any further, make sure that the printer is in an active state.
  • Also, verify if the drivers are installed properly. If not, install it using CD-ROM.
  • Save the scanned files and pictures in the IJ Scan Utility to open them in your application.
  • If your Canon printer is connected to multiple computers, locate and choose Canon TR4500 from the list. Additionally, make sure that the printer’s name in the list is correct.  

Keeping the above-given considerations in your mind can prevent you from experiencing the Canon TR4500 Scanner problem not working error when printing.

How do I reset my Canon TR4500 printer?

From within your Canon printer, you can access the factory reset option. This option enables the users to return all the settings to the factory stipulations. Once the reset is done, it requires you to reconnect to your network and complete the setup process again. 

Why is my canon TR4500 printing blurry?

If you are using your Canon printer after a long time for printing, it might yield a blurry or unclear outcome. To fix this, check the below-given points: 

  • Corrupt drivers can bring blurry printouts. To fix this, update your printer drivers to the latest release. 
  • Sometimes, if the printer’s repository does not have sufficient ink, the print outcomes will be blurry or unclear. Check the ink levels and make sure that it is enough. 
  • The print head nozzles often tend to get choked if the printer remains unused for a considerable period of time. Clean the nozzles for clear printing. 

Performing these steps can help you in problem resolution. After checking the listed points, print a test job to check if your printer is now yielding clear print-outs. 

Why is my Canon printer canon TR4500 Offline Windows 10?

Canon TR4500 Offline Windows 10 error is closely related to a faulty or outdated printer driver. If you are getting Canon Printer Goes offline Windows 10 status when trying to print, you make sure that the printer drivers are working fine. Also, check if you have installed the correct printer driver on your system and it is updated to the latest version. Mac users also confront a similar issue when their Canon Printer appears offline. Connectivity issue is also one of the most apparent reasons behind the error. Check these factors to get rid of the error. Alternatively, you can connect with our Canon printer experts to get instant resolution. 

Why is my Canon printer not printing anything?

There is a myriad of reasons that can prevent the Canon printer from printing anything. Some of the main reasons behind the error are stated in the below-given list: 

  • When the ink tank is empty. 
  • Improper installation of the ink tank. 
  • Undesired print jobs that remain in the queue. 
  • Improper placement of the CD/DVD in the CD-R tray. 
  • When the machine is not ready to print. 
  • Improperly connected machine to the computer. 
  • The machine is not selected in the printer driver. 

When any error occurs in the printer, you need to perform the relevant troubleshooting solutions to resolve it. However, if you are not sure about the procedure, get in touch with our professional Canon technicians.