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Set Up IJ Canon Printer – ij.start.canonn

Canon printer is one of the most advanced printers in various types and styles like Canon Pixma, Maxify, Laser, SELPHY, etc. Canon printers have many features and functionality depending on their size, type and capacity. Once you purchase it, you will get high volume or low volume printing, depending on your work. It has compactness and requires convenient maintenance to meet the requirements of small and large offices. This write-up will provide you with multiple methods to configure the Canon IJ printer. To resolve this problem quickly, you must dial the Canon customer support number to get accurate tips. Before accessing ij.start.cannon, your printer must be well-coupled to the Wi-Fi. So, focus on a few steps that are mentioned below.

How to Setup Canon Pixma Printer? – ij start cannon

A few methods are given below to configure Canon Pixma Printer.

  • To start with the network configuration procedure, switch on the printer by tapping the Power button. The Power LED must be solid green and stable
  • Now tap the menu button, and the network settings screen will arrive into observation
  • Here, you will observe multiple options for setting up a connection. Choose the Wireless LAN Settings option, and a notification box will be observed on your printer screen. Press Ok
  • Select the SSID settings option and move through it, choose access point. Choose your favorite network name and insert the Wi-Fi security key without making any mistake
  • Wait for the printer screen to appear and display connected. Then, press Ok.

WPS Button

Tap the Wi-Fi button that you will easily get on the printer’s operational panel for configuring a successful network connection. Now, move to the router and recognize the WPS button. Tap the WPS button within two minutes. The printer status is now displaying as connected, waiting for a few seconds. When the printer shows you the connection status, finish up the configuration by pressing Ok.

Detailed Procedures to Download Printer Driver

For IJ Start Canon set up, download the software by moving through a few illustrative procedures.

  • First of all, move ahead to the official website of IJ Start Canon. It is a secured platform to download the Canon printer drivers easily. To start with, access a compatible and extremely protected browser. Enter ij.start.cannon appropriately in the address bar, and by tapping the Enter key, instantly take it to the homepage of Canon.
  • To begin with, download the printer driver, tap on the Set Up tab, and the product name will appear on your screen. Once Canon refers to different software for your printer model, specify the model number by mentioning it in the search space. Tap on the Go button, and the product download window will move up on your screen
  • Download the compatible driver with your operating system. Select between multiple versions. Choose an appropriate operating system and move to the operating system field located at the upper-right hand corner. Observe the download button available at the center of the screen and tap on it for a quick and immediate download.
  • Download the printer driver in just a few minutes by Wi-Fi speed. Fluctuate between multiple screens as it may create errors in downloading the software. Once the download procedure stops, move to the next stage.

Steps for Establishing the Printer Driver

  • If you have not modernized the file location, access the download folder for activating the downloading file. Double-tap on the official website of Canon set up file, and press Run for extracting the files immediately.
  • Canon driver set up the main interface will be observed on your screen. Before moving to the next page. Examine the language in which you wish to operate software for running the printer. Tap on the language tab before editing it, and it will show all the available options. Select the language that you can recognize the best and then tap Next from the main screen.
  • Now, you require to configure a connection between your system and printer. You can go for a wireless or USB connection method to configure in on your system. Once the printer is successfully affixed, choose your printer, and it will show the driver and other additional software lists based on your printer model.
  • Activate the desired checkboxes of the software package. You must also have enough space for downloading the printer driver. If your system doesn’t have sufficient space, uninstall a few unwanted programs from your computer. Now tap on the Next tab and move ahead for canon ij set up.
  • A license agreement window will switch upon your screen. You must go through every statement available in the document before moving to further issues. To accept the license agreement acceptance, tap on the Yes option. It will quickly begin the establishment of your selected driver and extra software. It will indicate the driver configuration through the official website of Canon.

Once you follow the above steps, you can easily configure the Canon IJ printer at your computer. Though it depends upon you whatever method you go for setup, whether wired or wireless. Configuration steps can be different according to the printer’s model. So, choose the best and appropriate methods to set up your Canon IJ printer on your system.


Canon Inc is a Japan-based multinational corporation located with its head office in Tokyo, Japan. The company produces optical, imaging, and industrial products such as cameras, medical equipment, lenses, printers, scanners, and semi-conductors. Through Canon printer, users can print and scan their essential documents, gifs, pictures, etc. This printer has various advanced features to experience its customers with a smooth printing touch. It is manufactured and released in various printing models. To sync printers with your system, you have to install the Canon printer’s latest driver. Install printer driver according to your Canon printer model. Through printer driver, attach router or modem with appropriate access points to wirelessly connect your Canon printer. Users may face issues while working with the IJ Canon printer. To resolve problems in Canon, you must call the Canon customer support number to fix it quickly. To find various Canon printer models, you must visit ij.start.cannon, and you will get a list of various printers.

Essential Tips to Unbox Canon Printer and Hardware Setup

  • Canon printer is protected in a completely sealed box. Clear the box and take out the printer with cartridges, cables, etc.
  • Now, bring out the polystyrene packaging wraps and orange tapes. Remove the protective plastic from the display of your printer
  • Navigate the power socket on the printer. Attach the power cable to the printer’s port and the wall electrical outlet.
  • Turn on the printer by clicking the power button. Immediately, the printer display light will switch on
  • Now, insert the ink tanks. Remove the cartridges outlet seal and the plastic covering the cartridges
  • Remove the printer top cover, and the printhead carriage will automatically adjust at your place. Take all cartridges and keep them into corresponding slots.
  • Put the printer top cover, and the printer will make noise. It indicates that ink cartridges are successfully installed
  • After that, keep some pages in the paper tray. Remove the flap available at the rear of the printer, and gently take out the input tray
  • Put some papers in the input tray. Push the paper tray that properly settles back into place. It includes the hardware synchronization of your printer. Now move to ij.Canon.start printer for driver downloading.

Steps To Create A Stable Connection Between Your Printer and Computer

Link your Canon printers with the computer as you have downloaded the setup file through Canon’s official website. Two separate steps for establishing a connection that depends upon printer hardware specifications. Observe at two methods listed below.

  1. Wireless Setup

Suppose your printer is of modern technology, it has a feature of wireless connection. Associate your printer without any cable, move to wireless settings on your printer. Choose the Wireless LAN setup wizard and couple to the same wi-fi too which your system is paired.

  1. USB Connection

Suppose your printer doesn’t have wireless connections; utilize the USB cable for connection. The cable is coming with your printer. Inspect the cable carefully and look at the USB ports of both devices to ignore unwanted connection errors. Affix one end of the USB cable to the system and the other end to the printer.

Canon printers can be configured to your system through a wireless and wired connection. You must go through the above methods to sync your Canon printer to your computer.


Ques. Which printer model is excellent in Canon?

Ans. Few best canon printer models are listed below.

  • Canon E4270 Printer
  • Canon Pixma G3000 Printer
  • Canon G3000 Printer
  • Canon TS207 Printer
  • Canon Pixma TS307 Printer
  • Canon G2012 Printer
  • Canon E477 Printer

Ques. Which printer is best for home use?

Ans. Three types of printers are best for home use.

  • HP OfficeJet Pro 9025e
  • Epson Expression Premium ET-7750
  • Canon Pixma TS9520

Ques. How to Identify Inkjet Printer?

Ans. The easiest method to know which printer you have is by opening your printer’s dialogue box. A maintenance or options tab is given in this window. If the button symbolized as nozzle check, print head cleaning or print head alignment is available, referred to as inkjet printer.

Ques. Does Deskjet printer represent Inkjet Printer?

Ans. Deskjet is the same as inkjet printers produced by Hewlett-Packard. Canon Printers range from small domestic to large industrial models. However, the largest model in the range has been dubbed as  DesignJet.

IJ Start Canon

Canon Printer is the most recognized prominent printer launched to perform various types of printing and scanning tasks. Canon printer includes a super tank producing various pages, and ink replacement is cost-effective for printing. Sometimes, all documents are not printed well, and the printer is working slowly. It means that the Canon printer needs repairing. Suppose you find out the primary causes behind such problems. After getting good reasons, you must look for some troubleshooting steps. Suppose you can’t find the best solution. In that case, you must take expert guidance by connecting with the Canon customer support team, and they will provide you with appropriate suggestions to rectify the issue.

The Canon Pixma G6020 is one type of IJ Start Canon printer recognized as an inkjet printer with cost-effective prices for bulk ink. Canon printer has an antiquated interface that lacks an automated document feeder (ADF) with multiple extraordinary designs. This feature makes the IJ Start Canon printer truly exceptional.

Steps to Download Compatible Printer Driver for Your Printer

Download Compatible Printer Driver for Your Printer

Some steps are listed below to download a compatible printer driver for your printer.

  • Switch on your computer and Wi-Fi. Now, open a secure internet browser to manage privacy against vulnerabilities. Select the best among Opera, Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome, etc.
  • Through the ij start canon website, you can get suitable canon printer drivers for your printer. Type ij.start. Canon in the search bar and press Enter to access IJ Canon official website
  • Observe the Setup tab and press to access the product selection window. Hence tap the Setup option and go to the next procedure
  • Once it is found, you have to search your product model by entering its number or name in the search bar. Confirm that you have observed the correct printer by looking model number at the back of the printer. Then, tap Go
  • Look at the download window at Canon’s official website on your system. Do a double-check of the operating system and quickly change if there is a requirement to do so. Now, press the download button to install the software.
  • Moving to another window or any other application can slow down internet speed and even downloading process of Canon printer driver file. Once completed, save the file in a protected folder for your further reference.

Some Printing Errors and Their Rectification

Printing Errors and Their Rectification

Once the driver is configured in your system, you may encounter various types of issues to perform the printing jobs. Let’s go through some errors in the Canon printer and their solutions.

  1. No Paper on Canon Printer

No Paper on Canon Printer

Suppose your printer’s input tray is loaded full but still shows no paper or not printing; paper may get stuck in the rear tray. Switch off your printer, detach cables and remove blockage available in the input tray. Clean the paper feed roller after using a wet and clean cloth. If wrinkled or twisted paper, replace the paper with an accurate one. The size of the page must be compatible with the printing file for which you print. If page size settings don’t match with the file, it will not print. Such tips will absolutely resolve this problem in Canon printer.

  1. Bad Printing Quality

Bad Printing Quality

Sometimes, you need printing of your essential documents but receive spread ink spots, patches or faded paper, and horizontal lines. This problem mainly occurred due to dry ink and can be resolved by turning on the printer’s utility program. If ink cartridges contain a low amount of ink, you will get unclear printing papers. So, swap the ink cartridge with a new one. If the problem still exists, clean the print heads and then print a page.


After going through the above steps, you can resolve some errors in the Canon printer. To resolve all errors in the Canon printer, you must dial the Canon customer support number to get some appropriate tips.


Ques. Do I need Wi-Fi to take print from my phone?

Ans. Suppose you don’t have a router or network to couple your phone; you can print directly from your mobile phone via Canon printers through Wi-Fi Direct or Canon Wireless Direct.

Ques. Is it possible to take print without using a computer?

Ans. A photocopy can be taken without a computer. You use a Personal Computer only for printing and scanning via printers. So, it’s possible to take print without using the computer. However, photocopy and printing are different jobs.

Ques. How can I take print from my phone via a printer?

Ans. Some steps are given below to make you learn about printing from a smartphone via a printer.

  • Access the file you would desire to print
  • Press the menu button available at the top right-hand corner with three-dots
  • Press Print
  • Press the drop-down arrow situated near the top of your computer screen
  • Click the printer from which you like to print
  • Press the print button.

Ques. Can I print from my iPhone?

Ans. Connect Air Print enabled printer to iPhone wirelessly to print documents, photos, gifs, etc., through the mail, apps, and gallery. Various applications available on the App store also support Air Print. iPhone and printer must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network.