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Set Up IJ Canon Printer – ij.start.canonn

Canon printer is one of the most advanced printers in various types and styles like Canon Pixma, Maxify, Laser, SELPHY, etc. Canon printers have many features and functionality depending on their size, type and capacity. Once you purchase it, you will get high volume or low volume printing, depending on your work. It has compactness and requires convenient maintenance to meet the requirements of small and large offices. This write-up will provide you with multiple methods to configure the Canon IJ printer. To resolve this problem quickly, you must dial the Canon customer support number to get accurate tips. Before accessing ij.start.cannon, your printer must be well-coupled to the Wi-Fi. So, focus on a few steps that are mentioned below.

How to Setup Canon Pixma Printer? – ij start cannon

A few methods are given below to configure Canon Pixma Printer.

  • To start with the network configuration procedure, switch on the printer by tapping the Power button. The Power LED must be solid green and stable
  • Now tap the menu button, and the network settings screen will arrive into observation
  • Here, you will observe multiple options for setting up a connection. Choose the Wireless LAN Settings option, and a notification box will be observed on your printer screen. Press Ok
  • Select the SSID settings option and move through it, choose access point. Choose your favorite network name and insert the Wi-Fi security key without making any mistake
  • Wait for the printer screen to appear and display connected. Then, press Ok.

WPS Button

Tap the Wi-Fi button that you will easily get on the printer’s operational panel for configuring a successful network connection. Now, move to the router and recognize the WPS button. Tap the WPS button within two minutes. The printer status is now displaying as connected, waiting for a few seconds. When the printer shows you the connection status, finish up the configuration by pressing Ok.

Detailed Procedures to Download Printer Driver

For IJ Start Canon set up, download the software by moving through a few illustrative procedures.

  • First of all, move ahead to the official website of IJ Start Canon. It is a secured platform to download the Canon printer drivers easily. To start with, access a compatible and extremely protected browser. Enter ij.start.cannon appropriately in the address bar, and by tapping the Enter key, instantly take it to the homepage of Canon.
  • To begin with, download the printer driver, tap on the Set Up tab, and the product name will appear on your screen. Once Canon refers to different software for your printer model, specify the model number by mentioning it in the search space. Tap on the Go button, and the product download window will move up on your screen
  • Download the compatible driver with your operating system. Select between multiple versions. Choose an appropriate operating system and move to the operating system field located at the upper-right hand corner. Observe the download button available at the center of the screen and tap on it for a quick and immediate download.
  • Download the printer driver in just a few minutes by Wi-Fi speed. Fluctuate between multiple screens as it may create errors in downloading the software. Once the download procedure stops, move to the next stage.

Steps for Establishing the Printer Driver

  • If you have not modernized the file location, access the download folder for activating the downloading file. Double-tap on the official website of Canon set up file, and press Run for extracting the files immediately.
  • Canon driver set up the main interface will be observed on your screen. Before moving to the next page. Examine the language in which you wish to operate software for running the printer. Tap on the language tab before editing it, and it will show all the available options. Select the language that you can recognize the best and then tap Next from the main screen.
  • Now, you require to configure a connection between your system and printer. You can go for a wireless or USB connection method to configure in on your system. Once the printer is successfully affixed, choose your printer, and it will show the driver and other additional software lists based on your printer model.
  • Activate the desired checkboxes of the software package. You must also have enough space for downloading the printer driver. If your system doesn’t have sufficient space, uninstall a few unwanted programs from your computer. Now tap on the Next tab and move ahead for canon ij set up.
  • A license agreement window will switch upon your screen. You must go through every statement available in the document before moving to further issues. To accept the license agreement acceptance, tap on the Yes option. It will quickly begin the establishment of your selected driver and extra software. It will indicate the driver configuration through the official website of Canon.

Once you follow the above steps, you can easily configure the Canon IJ printer at your computer. Though it depends upon you whatever method you go for setup, whether wired or wireless. Configuration steps can be different according to the printer’s model. So, choose the best and appropriate methods to set up your Canon IJ printer on your system.